A Thrilling and Chilling Evening for the CCWC’s Annual Meeting and Halloween Party at the Resort and Conference Center of Hyannis

by Artistic Director on October 25, 2013

Writers have keen imaginations as was dramatically illustrated  on Wednesday evening, October 23 when 40 Cape Cod Writers Center members appeared at the REsort and Conference Center of Hyannis for the Annual Meeting and Halloween Party.

The meeting was called to order by CCWC Board President Kevin Symmons. After years of devotion this was Kevin’s last evening on the podiumm as president.  Thank you Kevin for all you have done for the organization!

Keivn II


After a brief business meeting and budget report, elections took place for the new board of directors.  These are Jennie Wiley, Jim Hill, Eva Schegulla, John Stobieski, Linda Bartosik, Tom Phillips Ray Anderson, Steve Marini, and Kate Conway.

Then the party begain in earnest!

In a nod to the inventor of the horror story, CCWC Member Marianne Schaeffer read from Edgar Allen Poe’s  poem “The Raven”.  Notice the  noble bird perched on the podium next to Marianne.

The Ravenphoto (5)

After that recitation, Carol Chittenden, founder and manager of the Eight Cousins Bookstore in Falmouth offered sound advice to CCWC members about  how and why bookstores and readers are attracted to certain books.  “Nevermore” will authors who attended that evening forget the sage messages Carol shared while writing and promoting their books.

Carol Chittenden photo (1)

 “Nevermore” will members of the CCWC forget this wonderful evening!


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