Students Applaud the CCWC’s November 2, 2013 Tomorrow’s Writers Today Program

by Artistic Director on November 3, 2013

Twenty four talented students ages 12-17 arrived at the Barnstable Intermediate School at 9:15  a.m. Saturday,  November 2 for writing instruction from professional authors, novelist Arlene Kay and journalist Mary Richmond.

Arlene teaching TWT Nov 2, 2013

Mary R teaching TWT Nov 2, 2013









Half the students studied with Ms. Kay  and the other half with Ms. Richmond before lunch, after which the students studied with the other teacher.


Enthusiasm for what they learned and how their literary skills were improved was unanimous.

Below please find a sampling of their comments. 

  • “It was amazing!”
  • “We learnerd to apply our work to the best of our ability.”
  • “I got to try different things in my writing and I learned a lot about technique.”
  • “Everything was perfect. I gained more skills and knowledge and met interesting people. “
  • “I found meeting  other writers my age very helpful and inspring. “
  • “I liked that we could test out our writing skills.”
  • “The  Cape Cod Writers Center helped me clarify lots of writing concepts.”
  • “I liked that I got information on how to build or improve structurally on my writing.”
  • “I love meeting other writers. If only it could be longer.”
  • “I loved how we reflected on our past and wrote about them, then shared.”
  • “The chance to have a range of techniques for writing was great.”
  • “The workshop was great. The only thing that I really would have like is more time.”



The November 2013 TWT program was made possible by a grant from the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod.

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