CCWC Partnership with Books By The Sea

by web editor on May 13, 2014

BBTSThe Cape Cod Writers Center announces the continuation of our highly-successful partnership with Books By The Sea bookstore in Osterville, MA. Throughout their existence, Books By The Sea has been committed to supporting local authors, providing local talent an audience for their work.

What is the CCWC/BBTS partnership?

This partnership between participating CCWC members and a respected retail establishment provides distribution, retail shelf space, and active promotion of members’ books. A substantial section of the store is totally dedicated to the Writers Center and its members, housing only CCWC members’ books, and promoting upcoming events, members’ bios, news, etc. BBTS e-newsletters (currently reaching about 500 customers), also includes CCWC events and news on an on-going basis. It offers entry into additional partnerships with libraries, cultural centers and other literary organizations (e.g., ALLI, Adult Life Long Learning).

What are the benefits of participating?

When you join the partnership, Books By The Sea will:

  • Stock and sell your books on a 75%/25% consignment arrangement (75% to author/ 25% to store), vs. the standard 60%/40% split.
  • Place high impact “Local Author” and “Autographed Copy” stickers on your books.
  • Host and heavily promote a CCWC Local Author Event at the Osterville Library on Saturday, June 28, from 1-4 pm, as part of the Library’s Summer Festival. All participating CCWC members will be asked to join this event.
  • Display your most recent book face-out, and shelve author’s other books beside it.
  • Display your most recent book in front window of store and in a prominent place in-store for a period of 2 weeks.
  • Host at least one book signing per year for your latest book, and promote it via e-newsletter, press release and posters.
  • Announce your books to other potential venues for additional signings and readings.
  • Provide initial free consultation with BBTS Business Manager on book marketing.
  • Monitor book sales regularly and issue quarterly payments.

How do I take advantage of this partnership?

This program is only available to active, fully-paid members of the Cape Cod Writers Center. The cost of this partnership is $100 per year for new participants, $80 for renewing participants. The CCWC provides and promotes this partnership as an exclusive member benefit, but the contract is between individual authors and Books by the Sea. If you have any questions or would like to sign up for the program, please email Karla at the store (

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