Cape Cod’s Talented Youth Attend the CCWC’s Tomorrow Writers Today Program May 17, 2014

by Artistic Director on May 19, 2014

Eleven talented writing students from the public schools of Cape Cod participated in the Cape Cod Writers Center’s Tomorrow’s Writers Today program on Saturday, May 17th at the Barnstable Intermediate School.

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James Kershner, a former editor at the Cape Cod Times and a professor at the Cape Cod Community College, instructed the students on writing nonfiction. Candy Hammond, a journalist and novelist, tuaght the students about the rudiments and challeges of writing fiction.

Here’s a  sampling of student comments about the day’s program:

“I liked that all the activities were hands on. I had a chance to share and improve my writing with others who shared my same passion. I loved it!”

“I learned new ways to write. The teachers were very kind.”

“I really loved both of my teachers. James made me like writing nonfiction when I usually only liked fiction. He inspired me with his outside walks and rustic videos.”

“I liked the diversity of what we learned. The instructors covered everything I needed and wanted to know about both fiction and nonfiction.”

“I liked the freedom it gave for creativity.”

“They taught me how to be a better writer.”

“Everything was great ! I liked meeting kids like me who like to write. I liked learning how to be better in creative nonfiction and nonfiction.”

This tuition-free program was funded through a  grant from Sovereign (now Santander) Bank.

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