Cape Cod Writers Center

2015 Cape Cod Writers Center Conference Praised for Instruction and Inspiration

They came from far and wide, to learn to write, to present and to promote what they had written — and  were rewarded with knowledge, personal contacts, and inspiration!  That’s what the nearly 200 participants reported about their classes, workshops, and mentoring sessions at the Cape Cod Writers Center Conference, August 6-9, 2015 at the Resort and Conference Center at Hyannis.

Here’s a small  sample of comments from our participants: 

All of the faculty that I had classes with were fantastic! They gave me so much to think about  and work on. I’m going home with a new sense of excitement for my writing!

Every year the faculty is different and each brings their own expertise. Love it! Will definitely be there next year.

I enjoyed my experience and will take away so much from this weekend!

My first conference. Very satisfied!

The faculty were very interesting, informative, and most importantly generous with their time, ideas, and knowledge. They also gave great feedback and answered many questions.

I really like the format of taking one class over several days and the option of just paying for one course (vs. having to pay for full days).