Cape Cod Writers Center

A Timely Writers Night Out, February 15, 2017

Procrastination and distraction are prime obstacles to a writer’s efficient use of time.

That was the consensus of the twenty eight authors who attended the lively Wednesday evening February 15 CCWC’s Writers  Night Out at the Sandwich Public Library.


The evening began with Executive Director, Nancy Rubin Stuart’s, explanation of how to best utilize writing time using the G.R.O.W.L. technique

G= Goals  R = Respect for your work k O_ Off-line and off-phone   W — Write at Your Peak Energy and L= Let Things Go Momentarily.

Barbara Struna, CCWC president of the board, also offered her own suggestions, including establishing a set time for writing a section of a book or article, creating a self-imposed deadline experience and the disciplined use of social media.

Members of the audience then volunteered their own time-management problems and offered tips they found useful, among them the importance of hourly stretches, regular exercise, notebooks, and alerting family members to their need for uninterrupted time.


     The lesson? Time management is nearly as important as writing that perfect paragraph.