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Ocean Black: The Noble Exiles

Ocean Black: The Noble Exiles

By: Edmond Wedge

“…On Earth, as it is in Heaven.”

With a call-out to the new astronomical discoveries of our age, and a nod to a well-known prayer, new self-published author Edmond Wedge strikes out to synthesize the space-as-ocean metaphor into a new hard sci-fi epic.

The first novel, Ocean Black: The Noble Exiles, promises a world beyond ours-or in this case, ten new worlds settled by humanity, as they leave a broken Earth behind. They travel on currents, or “threads” in the book’s space-nautical parlance, moving in dark matter envelopes at superluminal speeds to reach worlds that become a new Nation across the stars.

The analogy of “On Earth, as it is in Heaven” is meant both literally and figuratively, as the Ocean Black of deep space bears many resemblances, good and bad, to the treacherous “Ocean Blue” that humanity was born to navigate thousands of years ago. It is figurative because this new Nation on the edge of known space experiences some very familiar, earthly struggles in the pursuit of that noblest of endeavors: peace.

Two men, Sonny Aemrose and Able DuVanqueth, devote their lives to this vision of a peaceful Nation. They are, by their own design, the last generation of these Noble Exiles, trying to turn their empires and armies into a peaceful state to last the ages.

But Ocean Black is as unforgiving a wasteland as any. The unexpected death of loved ones can humble, or unhinge, the most powerful men that ever lived.

Now, the Aemroses and DuVanqueths, their lords and retainers and heirs and children, fight to make that Nation truly free.

Author Joseph Asphahani writes: “The setting of Ocean Black is a masterful blend [of] periods and genres – from spacefaring, to steam-powered and sword-forging, I can tell that whatever story author Edmond Wedge plans…in this unique world (or should I say ‘worlds’?) will be one of a kind.”

Inspired by Isaac Asimov at a young age, Edmond Wedge has been writing sci-fi stories long and short since he was 12. He started the background research for the Ocean Black project in 2011, and has only been further encouraged by the scientific discoveries since then that show our universe is not some empty vacuum, but chocked-full of things we only dimly understand.

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