Cape Cod Writers Center

Breakfast with the Authors on Friday, September 21

Join us Friday, September 21, 9:30 am to 11:30 am at the Wianno Club, 107 Sea View Avenue, Osterville

Enjoy a continental breakfast at the beautiful Wianno Club overlooking Nantucket Sound as four authors discuss their books.

Author presentations begin at 9:30 AM followed by questions and book signings The cost of the event is $15, Cape Cod Writers Center members pay $12.  
Reservations are necessary. RSVP by e-mailing or calling 508-420-0200. You may pay at the door.
David Litwack’s first novel There Comes a Prophet is the story of three friends, Nathaniel, Orah and Thomas, who live in a land where for a thousand years, the vicars of the Temple of Light have maintained a peaceful world by controlling the people with “temple magic,” all in the name of preventing a return to a violent past known as the darkness. Wizards from the darkness have hidden their sorcery in a place called the keep and left a trail of clues in the hope that a new generation would arise and overthrow the Temple. What Nathaniel and his friends find out could threaten the existence of their world should they choose to tell the truth.
Rite of Passage is the first novel by Kevin Symmons. It is the story of Courtney Wellington, who is descended from a line of powerful witches, and embodies the Wiccan Goddess who must fulfill an ancient prophecy to keep the growing powers of evil at bay. At the Summer Solstice, she must marry, and she has chosen Robert McGregor for her mate. But Courtney’s plans never included falling in love with him. Robert McGregor, Harvard Law student and society favorite, soon is  bewitched by the lovely, vulnerable girl, despite his misgivings about who–or what–she really is. To fulfill the prophecy Robbie must abandon all he holds dear, but when Courtney is kidnapped, he realizes he will sacrifice everything to save her. Can the power of their love triumph over the evil forces bent on destroying them?
Kathryn Kay uses her five years of living in Florence, Italy, where she studied restoration and gilding, in writing her novel The Gilder. It is the story of art restorer Marina Nesmith. In her skilled hands, even the most tarnished picture frame or objet d’art can be made perfect once again. Her life, too, seems flawless, at least on the surface. However,  Marina is conscious of what she lacks–especially the courage to tell her teenage daughter, Zoe, the truth about her father. Then Marina is invited to return to Florence, where she learned her trade as a gilder years ago. Now, as past and present collide, Marina must find the life that she–and Zoe–have been looking for.
Pope Annalisa is Peter Canova’s first book in his First Souls Trilogy.  What forces were at work when the unthinkable became reality and an African nun was elected the first female pope? Amid conflicting prophecies of destruction and renewal she came. She is a healer, a miracle worker, a captivator of men’s souls. But when demonic-looking symbols begin appearing around the Vatican upon her arrival, were her enemies correct about her being the prophesied figure that would destroy the church and lead the world order to ruin? As the world nears nuclear holocaust, four people must race against time to learn her secret. It becomes clear that Pope Annalisa is at the very center of all the deadly plots within plots in a world where nothing is as it seems.