Cape Cod Writers Center

Cape Cod Writers Center’s Pathways to Publication Worshop “The Defining Moment” A Fabulous Workshop

“Everything goes along smoothly in life until one day something happens… and nothing’s ever exactly the same.”

That transformation is what poet/author Charles Coe, calls The Defining Moment and was the subject of a fascinating Cape Cod Writers Center Pathways to Publication workshop on Saturday morning, October 25,  at the Resort and Conference Center at Hyannis.


Charles Coe at Podium


Charles opened the program by asking the fourteen attendees to recall important moments from their childhood on paper and then describe them to the rest of the class. What emerged were a series of stunning events which, as Charles observed, could easily become the engine for at least one powerful story or novel. The morning continued with related  assignments and ended at noon — much too soon for all concerned.


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Bravo to Charles Coe and those who attended this remarkable session!