Books and the World

Our television show Books and the World, the longest running book show in the nation, showcases authors in 30-minute interviews about their recent books. The program is recorded at the Cape Cod Community Media Center in Dennisport and airs on local access stations throughout the Cape region and around the state.

Our Hosts: Madeline Holt, Bob Silverberg, Dan Tritle.

Forthcoming interviews:

May, 2015:

  • Steven Manchester, Gooseberry Island
  • Susan Santangelo, Funerals Can Be Murder
  • Susan Playfair, America’s Founding Fruit
  • Robert Reece, To Tell the Truth

June, 2015:

  • Susan Playfair, America’s Founding Fruit
  • Robert Reece, To Tell the Truth
  • Joan Anderson, Stretch Marks
  • Christine Zaniboni, Iced at Midnight

Recent Interviews:

April, 2015:

  • Dean Coe, Chesterton Saves the Whale
  • H.J. Lassek, The Ugly Bureaucrat
  • Ric Wasley, The Girl with the Faraway Eyes

March, 2015:

  • Judith Campbell, A Singular Mission
  • Wendy Shreve, Dark Sea
  • Catherine Allen, Revolutionary Retirement
  • Dwight Ritter, Grown’ Up White

February, 2015:

  • Robert Waxler, The Risk of Reading
  • Barbara E. Struna, The Old Cape Teapot

January, 2015:

  • Barbara Sillery, The Haunting of Cape Cod and the Islands
  • Gina Fava, The Sculptor

November, 2014:

  • Lily Poritz Miller, The Newcomers
  • Steven Manchester, Pressed Pennies

October, 2014:

  • Linda Williams, Through the Widow’s Window
  • Kathy Salzberg, Confessions of a Mad Groomer
  • Donna Walo-Clancy, Keep the Faith, Ellen McGuire
  • John Hough, Little Bighorn

September, 2014:

  • Diane Hester, Run to Me
  • Roger Landry, Live Long, Die Short: A Guide to Authentic Health and Successful Aging

August, 2014:

  • Velia Pola, A Bridge Between: Northern Italy Come Hell or High Water
  • Julie Sieben, Six Weeks to Love Running: How to Have a Love Affair with Running