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Edmond Wedge

Author Edmond Wedge.

Edmond Joseph “Ej” Wedge has been writing stories for himself, big and small, for almost twenty years. After penning a sci-fi short story when he was twelve years old, he has not looked back from a desire to be a published author. It has been a long journey and labor of love to finally produce his first published novel, Ocean Black: The Noble Exiles.

He is a resident of Cape Cod, Massachusetts and lives with his lovely and amazing wife, Tina. Both have a shared love of the ocean which naturally shines through in his stories. Beyond writing, Ej’s interests intersect with music composition and piano playing, history, video games, antique aircraft and firearms, technology and smart homes, and teaching. On top of that, the planned Ocean Black series of books took him to researching a range of subjects, from general relativity to Jewish eschatology to Roman-era politics.

Ej’s next project is The Longest Raid of the Covenant, a separate short story (but set in the Ocean Black universe) to be published in Spring 2017. He is also hard at work on the next story in the Ocean Black series, Ocean Black: The Last Thread. He maintains a blog at where you can find out more!