About Us


The Cape Cod Writers Center is committed to assisting  published and aspiring writers of all genres, abilities and ages to develop their writing skills and learn the business of editing, publishing and promotion. Our mission also includes the goal of inspiring and educating writers and encouraging them to network with each other. These goals culminate in a nationally-acclaimed writers conference held annually on Cape Cod.


The Cape Cod Writers Center is one of the oldest continually operating literary centers in North America. The organization began  in 1963 under the leadership of author Marion Rawson Vuilleumier when a group of local writers called the Twelve O’ Clock Scholars decided to make their commitment to the Cape permanent. The  first conference was held that summer at the Craigville Conference Center in Centerville, Massachusetts.

Thanks to the foresight of the founders and the Cape’s vibrant literary community, the CCWC evolved into a dynamic and beloved organization. By 1973, the Cape Cod Writers Conference was incorporated as the Cape Cod Writers’ Center, Inc. (CCWC)

In 2018 and 2019 The Writer magazine voted the CCWC’s annual summer event the “Best Writers Conference” in Massachusetts and one of the most acclaimed in the nation.

During the colder months, CCWC members participate in a variety of free and low-cost literary programs. These include the monthly craft and networking sessions at the Writers Night Out, a Pathway to Publication seminar, small writing groups, and the Books and the World cable TV program.

With the enthusiastic participation of our members, the CCWC keeps evolving to help writers at all skill levels prepare their work for publication.