The mission of the Cape Cod Writers Center is to assist published and aspiring writers of all genres, abilities and ages to develop their writing skills and learn the business of editing, publishing and promotion. This mission also provides writers with opportunities for inspiration, education and networking. These goals culminate in a nationally-acclaimed writers conference held annually on Cape Cod.



In 1963, a group headed by author Marion Rawson Vuilleumier and known as the  Twelve O’Clock Scholars founded what became the Cape Cod Writers Center. That year thirty-five conferees gathered for the first summer writers’ conference in the Tabernacle at the Craigville Conference Center in Centerville, Massachusetts. By 1973, the Cape Cod Writers Conference was incorporated as the Cape Cod Writers’ Center, Inc.  (CCWC)

Thanks to the foresight of the founders and the dedication of the Cape’s vibrant literary community, the CCWC grew into a dynamic and beloved organization. Its  annual conference now draws hundreds of participants across the nation and overseas for its summer conference.

During the year writers also participate in a variety of literary events through the CCWC, including Writers Night Out  social networking sessions, Pathways to Publication seminars, Breakfast with the Authors programs, and small bi-monthly critique groups by genre.  With the help and participation of our members, the CCWC keeps evolving to help writers at all skill levels improve their work and ready it for publication.