Comments from CCWC members:

“I love the social interaction with published and aspiring writers and authors. It’s very important to me to learn and share.” –A.C., Brewster

“The CCWC is a great organization. All authors and aspiring authors should join and participate. I am glad I did and do.” –A.S., Yarmouthport

“Writer’s groups are great. Helping to organize them is one of the most important things CCWC does.” –D.L., East Falmouth

“I am amazed at what you accomplish with the resources available to you. Your organization has made a palpable difference in my writing life.” –R.S., South Dennis

“So glad you’re there! Love what you do!” –E.H., Pawtucket

Participant Comments on CCWC Conferences:

“Perhaps most notable about the Cape Cod Writers Center Conference is the caliber of the conference attendees…evident in the intelligence of their questions, in their relaxed but professional demeanor, in their attentiveness to the events taking place.” –Posted on Tweetspeak Poetry

“A great place with great people and an environment to learn!” –Conference Participant

“Practical, passionate, real professional  help.” –Conference Participant

“A near perfect course—offered by a near perfect writer/instructor!” –Conference Participant

On Our Programs for Young Writers:

“It was a great experience, and I’m happy I entered.” –Young Writers Program, 2014 (Student)

“It was a wonderful experience!” –Young Writers Program, 2013 (Parent)

“I liked that all the activities were hands-on and that I had a chance to share and improve my writing with others who share my same passion.” –Tomorrow’s Writers Today, 2014 (Student)

“This course was awesome! I’m so glad I came!.” –Tomorrow’s Writers Today, March 2014 (Student)

“I loved how everyone is so supportive and helpful.” –Tomorrow’s Writers Today, 2013 (Student)

On Other Recent Programs:

“What a wonderful workshop!” A participant in  “The Defining Moment” Workshop with Charles Coe, October 2014

“Such a wonderful teacher. Her humor and compassion kept us enthralled.” A participant in  “Writing with the Right Side of Your Brain” with Jamie Cat Callan, March 2014

“It was outstanding!” –A participant in  “Copyrights, Contracts, and Legal Issues” Workshop, May 2013

“The presenters concentrated on the nuts and bolts of self-publishing — it really worked!” –A participant in “How to Be Happily Self-Published” Workshop, March 2013

We’d be happy to have you join us! Follow this link to join.