Behind The Fourth Wall

Behind The Fourth Wall

By: Michael Solomowitz

New York playwright Noah Miller had it all—a supportive wife, a precocious daughter, a promising career. Then, suddenly, all is lost.

Still mourning his family, Noah reluctantly agrees to oversee the summer production of his play on Cape Cod. There he befriends a woman who sympathizes with his grief. But her true objectives run deeper—into his very soul—and Noah becomes an unwitting victim of her deception.

Immersed in his production, he begins an affair with one of his actors but the guilt from their relationship leads to tragic consequences. Then, on the anniversary of his wife’s passing, Noah discovers the harrowing mystery behind her death and the part he played in it.

Harboring this devastating secret, his show about to open without one of its lead actors, and a dubious figure harassing him, Behind The Fourth Wall is a story of hope and redemption, forgiveness and second chances, and ultimately, the courage to face one’s darkest fears.


“A cleverly written tale that delivers a riveting plot wrapped in a tightly-paced narrative … filled with … wonderfully flawed characters who stay with you long after the last page.”

— Karoline Barrett, author of Bun for Your Life and Raisin the Dead

“Powerful and poignant, with mystical elements … A five star read that tears at your heartstrings.”                — Liz Berg, author of Jewish Folk Tales in Britain and Ireland

“A compelling read, Behind The Fourth Wall, is one man’s emotional journey from the depths of despair. Only after he believes the unbelievable can he find forgiveness, healing and a second chance at life.”       — Jeanie Roberts, author of The Heron

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