Brayden’s Magical Forest: Book three

By: Anita A. Caruso

Six-year-old Brayden climbs up to his treehouse and with the help of his magic green glasses goes on a royal adventure to an enchanted forest. There he meets the warrior princess, Shirley Bel, who needs his help to find the King’s daughter, Sophie. With the same charm and imagination of the first two Brayden journey books, author Anita A. Caruso takes readers on a quest into a magical kingdom where they encounter a friendly dragon, leprechauns, fairies, elves, and a unicorn.
Watch for the fourth book, Brayden’s Magical Pirate Adventure, as Brayden, sitting in an old boat in his great-nana’s backyard on Cape Cod, puts on his magic glasses and finds himself on a real pirate ship.

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