By: Kevin Symmons

Paige Fuller should have unlimited possibilities. Though a talented equestrian and musical prodigy, Paige’s first romance left her brokenhearted. And despite her expertise in the show ring, she can’t forget the riding accident that nearly disabled her. When handsome Harvard sports icon Morgan Cahill takes an interest in her, Paige worries the glamorous girls surrounding him will eclipse her. But she’s been secretly in love with Morgan since they met as children. Can she overcome her fears and win his heart?

Morgan Cahill has the world at his fingertips. Or so it seems. The Ivy League athlete has attained rock-star status. Despite his accomplishments and the endless parade of prom queens and cheerleaders who surround him, he finds no one with whom to share his innermost feelings. When he visits his father’s oldest friends for the weekend, he expects to be bored, but is drawn to shy, innocent Paige. In only a day, he has found someone with whom he can share his fears and dreams.

But storm clouds are gathering. Two convicts—one seeking forgiveness and the other brutal revenge—will invade the couple’s lives. Soon destiny will bring them together… a terrifying rendezvous that may cost Paige her life!

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