Coming Alive

Coming Alive

By: Anne Ierardi

While standing on the seminary altar in Cambridge next to the first ordained Episcopal woman

priest, Anne Ierardi was touched by the Spirit with an extraordinary power: a call to ordination.

Could she leave Catholicism, the faith of her childhood, and find a home in a new church? Could she be assertive and holy enough as a leader without going back into the closet? In her inspiring memoir, Coming Alive, Ierardi recounts how she lived through the early days of gay, feminist, and religious liberation, facing cultural, gender, and sexual orientation prejudices. Along the way she survived losses in her extended Italian family and found her voice as an artist. A story of courage, persistence, and authenticity, Coming Alive will speak to people of diverse faith and cultural backgrounds.

Coming Alive is infused with the wonder of Being Fully Alive through life’s changes and challenges. It is about close observation, reflection, self-understanding and transformation. Coming Alive is a coming-out journey, about coming into one’s own as a person and as an artist. Ethnicity, family, religion, and gender issues drive the forward motion. Beautifully written, it is a pleasure to read. Anne Ierardi has written an inspiring book, one that will speak to many readers.” —Kathleen Spivack


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