Death by Chowder


Jay Hallett leaves a flourishing law career in Boston to return to his hometown of Anchor Point on Cape Cod. He secretly purchases the local lighthouse and surrounding property to open The Shipwreck Cafe.
Rich in history, the lighthouse is rumored to be haunted by multiple ghosts and hiding a buried treasure worth millions.
Robbie, Jay’s brother, surfs by day and tends bar at the cafe by night. He doesn’t like the ghosts, but it’s okay because they don’t like him either.
Stormy, an abandoned golden retriever who has been living at the lighthouse, is adopted by Jay. Together, they move in to the keeper’s cottage.
Two murders in as many weeks transpire in Anchor Point. Who is killing the locals and why?
Jay, Robbie and Roland Knowles, one of the ghosts, must work together to bring answers and peace back to their beloved town.

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