Double Blind Double Cross

Double Blind Double Cross

By: Robert Reece

Double Blind Double Cross, by Robert M. Reece, MD

When trauma surgeon Dr.Tom Barrett returns from military duty in the Middle East War he is stricken with flashbacks, terrifying nightmares and tremors. His old friend and surgical colleague Akira Yamaguchi is conducting a clinical trial of a potential breakthrough drug intended to erase bad memories in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) victims.

Unable to function and desperate to get better he enters this clinical trial. Some patients have improved markedly on the drug inspiring hope that it will be the next big thing in mental health.

But something is going wrong. Patients’ symptoms are returning in full force. Akira Yamaguchi turns to Tom to enlist his help in determining the reasons for the drug’s sudden failure. Tom and two fellow patients immerse themselves in a high stakes and dangerous investigation to reveal a shocking answer to the failure of the drug.

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