Eva and Henry, A Cape Cod Marriage

By: Irene M. Paine

   It’s 1886, and the Cape Cod village of South Wellfleet is stirring back to life after a long, cold winter. Strong-willed Eva Paine has always admired her dashing neighbor, Captain Henry Smith, and as fruit trees blossom, she abandons thoughts of a university education and arranges her own marriage. Eva’s wedding day is bittersweet—she bids her dear parents and brother good-bye and moves down the lane to Henry’s family homestead. There she eagerly enters the realm of marital relations by night, and by day she practices the art of housekeeping under the watchful eyes of her new mother-in-law.

            Eva accepts the joys and disappointments of her marriage with a unique combination of faith, good humor and forgiveness. She is soon in charge of all household affairs while Henry is out to sea, but is then expected to slip back into submission upon his every return. Motherhood seems elusive, even though Eva strongly desires to bear a child. Motivated by the alternating forces of passion and loneliness, Eva pushes towards the modern machine age as Henry insists upon continuing in a dangerous traditional profession. Their fiery relationship swings like a wind-blown weathervane between bliss and crushing pain.

            Eva and Henry, A Cape Cod Marriage transports the reader back in time to the Cape Cod of the late nineteenth century—a period of great social and economic upheaval. The novel will draw you firmly into the challenging lives of real people, and their story will remain with you long after you’ve finished reading. Be sure to visit www.EvaandHenry.com  for photographs and more information about the time period, location, and the characters.

Be transported back to the Cape Cod of the 1880’s, and meet the strong women and men who endured more than we can imagine.

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