Graceful Woman Warrior: A Story Of Mindfully Living In The Face Of Dying

By: Laurie O'Neil

Exploring love, loss, motherhood, spirituality, and self-discovery, this posthumous memoir is a culmination of a promise made to Terri Luanna da Silva when she whispered to her aunt, “I think I’m dying. I want you to tell people.”

Forced to take an honest look at her own mortality after a Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer diagnosis, Terri started a blog about her journey. Reeling from the recent death of her mother to cancer, visionary Canadian artist, Jeanne Robinson, Terri asked the big questions in her quest to understand the grace lessons contained in the suffering. Questions such as, Why in God’s name, or Buddha’s or the Universe did cancer strike me down at 37? How do I decide which treatment path to pursue? Who gets to choose? How do I parent my two-year-old through cancer? How do I find the strength to live my truth, go against the grain and chart my own holistic path? How and when do I decide it’s time? Time to die…

Taken directly from her blog, co-authors Terri Luanna da Silva, Laurie O’Neil, and Terri’s daughter, Marisa Alegria da Silva, weave Terri’s triumphant and tragic story together, creating a bold blueprint for navigating the sacred cycles of life, death, and living beyond. The authors invite you to open your heart to Terri’s haunting yet ultimately transcendent story, with the full knowledge that in so doing, you are opening your heart to the possibility of reshaping, redefining or perhaps even rewriting the meaning of your own.

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