Recalculating the Truth

Recalculating the Truth

By: Paul H Raymer

Recalculating Truth is a technological thriller in the genre of Michael Crichton and the psychological exploration of Walker Percy.

In his pursuit of truth, GUS SAINTE doesn’t realize that creating a technological, all-knowing, electronic Genie will reveal truths that embezzlers, terrorists, news anchors, and Supreme Court justice candidates would prefer to keep hidden. But it is not until an old flame, the gorgeous CYRENE AL-MASRI, mysteriously returns to his life that he recognizes lies that are far more personal and deadly.

Human tells can be visualized elecronically by common game consoles, but the truth is serious business and can be used as a weapon from revealing terrorists to uncovering criminals. And who knows what a candidate for the supreme court can be hiding!

Buy Recalculating Truth to understand what the bodies around you are saying without knowing it!

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