Rescued by Love

By: Deborah Thayer McLain

Cullen is searching for the woman he hears calling out to him during the night. Who is she, and how is he supposed to find her?

Keela was scared. She had been kidnapped and now was being interrogated about things she did not understand. Giving up all hope that anyone knew about her pain, she wished her life would end. However, she could faintly hear someone telling her, “Hold on, I’m coming.”

Closing his swollen eyes, he imagined Sine’s face, Cullen would never regret setting her free from the chains that held her for so long. But would she still be the happy, confident woman he remembered? Would she really learn to trust him?

Meanwhile, Marcus is wondering about Moria. Can a newborn child change someone that much? Or is she having a change of heart?

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