Solitary Subversives


TheWar of 1812 proved critical to America’s survival and identity, but in the spring of 1811 the prospects for survival were abysmal. Troubled by developments threatening to engulf them all, Daniel Thompson, a young New Englander feels compelled to forestall the conflict. He well knows Britain’s powerful navy is the key to any possible invasion, as well the impregnability of their realm. Despite having no hope of seriously damaging the fleet, he believes inflicting localized but significant damage might dampen England’s antagonistic fervor and cause King George to hesitate.

Prompted by the chance discovery of pages from a Chinese military manual and inspired by ancient Greek tactics, Daniel coopts his brother in a Quixotic but dangerous quest. Initially in America, then in England, they are compelled to resort to deceit, disinformation, facades, and the “ploy of suffering flesh” as they strive to to achieve their aim. Set in an era of burgeoning conflict and sterling martial developments, including the earliest submarine and Congreave’s rockets, and historically accurate throughout, Solitary Subversives is an intrigue-filled tale of hope, consternation, duplicity, and ill-fated romance.