Strong Medicine

Strong Medicine

By: Robert Reece

In a novel that could have been pulled from today’s headlines, Dr. Tom Barrett, respected surgeon and returning war veteran, discovers the rules as set by the pharmaceutical industry. They’re dangerously effective: skyrocketing prices, misleading advertising, manipulation of health care professionals, rigged research, and the suppression of competition. Unscrupulous executives deploy them with a single objective: spike earnings by ensuring that medicines are scarce for patients whose survival depends on them.

Barrett’s answer is to assemble a team of specialists to take on the predators. He creates PharmaTruth – a group of motivated flesh and blood characters. In chapters that take readers behind the scenes of the industry, they face real-life, tight budgets as they set out to battle cynical big pharma executives who’ve long ago crossed the line from greedy to criminal.

Strong Medicine, Dr. Robert Reece’s third novel, is a high-stakes game where big pharma is determined to crush PharmaTruth’s assault on their domain, even as Tom and his team struggle to set things right.

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