Swann Dive

Swann Dive

By: Arlene Kay

“Arlene Kay . . . has another winner.”

-Lane Stone, author of the Tiara Investigations Mysteries

“Highly entertaining . . . I can’t wait for the next book in the series!”

-Jaye Roycraft, author of Rainscape

A wisecracking mystery writer and one of Boston’s richest bluebloods share only one tie: her lifelong friend is his twin sister. When someone murders Cece Swann, Eja and Deming become the most uncommon team of sleuths in ye olde bean towne.

Cece had everything-looks, brains, and money galore. Her love of life was legendary, as was her rampant fear of heights. Leaping off a building was the last thing she would ever do. When she dies that way, Eja and Deming know it was neither suicide nor an accident.

Partnering to catch her killer plunges the pair into a major relationship shift. Gone is the exasperating big-brother figure from Eja’s girlhood; now she’s confronted with an irritating, irresistible grown man. Eja isn’t gorgeous, blue-blooded, or glamorous; she’s battling a few extra pounds and a set of lowered expectations about life in general and men in particular. But when it comes to loyalty and courage, she’s as tough as a junkyard dog and twice as likely to bite. Can she resist taking a chunk out of her arrogant partner during the search for CeCe’s killer?

Deming’s film star looks and sense of entitlement drive her crazy. Now, however, the rules between them change as they unravel the trail of a ruthless murderer.

In another life, Arlene Kay, the author of Intrusion and Die Laughing, was a senior executive with one of those alphabet agencies that strikes terror into the hearts of all Americans. Her previous works include five novels in The Grace Quinn/Patrick Fong mystery series. Her newest novels are Swann Dive, Man Trap, and Gilt Trip, all part of the The Boston Uncommons Mystery Series. Visit her at arlenekay.com.

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