Swann Songs

Swann Songs

By: Arlene Kay

Marriage can be murder . . .

For new bride Eja KaneSwann, revenge is both sweet and deadly. When Gabriel Mann, the exhusband who kicked her to the curb, begs for help, Eja laughs in his face. Gabriel is involved in a nasty literary spat with a competitor for tenure, and charges of sexism may derail Gabriel’s career. Expect murder, misdirection and a pinch of glamour as that dazzling duo, Eja and Deming, explore complex motives, political correctness, and academic angst in the rarified air of Cambridge, Massachusetts. This time, Eja’s campaign for justice just might be the death of her.

Arlene Kay spent twenty years as a Senior Executive with the Federal Government where she was known as a most unconventional public servant. Experience in offices around the nation allowed her to observe both human and corporate foibles and rejoice in unintentional humor.

Those locations and the characters she encoun­tered are celebrated in a series of mysteries in­cluding Intrusion (2011) and Die Laughing (2012) both from Mainly Murder Press; The Abacus Prize (available now on Amazon); and the Boston Uncommons Mystery Series (Swann Dive; Mantrap; Gilt Trip, and Swann Songs,) now available from Bell Bridge Books. Ms. Kay holds graduate degrees in Political Science and Constitutional Law.

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