The Cocktail Hour Garden

By: C.L. Fornari

At the end of the day, what better place is there to kick back, chill out and make the world go away, than in your own backyard garden? Plant and cocktail lover C. L. Fornari shows how easy it is to create a garden atmosphere that sets the mood for private relaxation or festive occasions with friends. With a wise and witty text, mood-setting plant lists, botanical drink recipes and luscious photographs, The Cocktail Hour Garden reveals the simple secrets to creating an evening pleasure garden. This personalizing of the garden experience is what the new buzzwords “garden-tainment” and “garden-to-glass” are all about.

The Cocktail Hour Garden has won awards from ASJA and GardenComm. Even better, one reader described it as “an ongoing garden party between the front and back covers.”

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