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The Haunting of Mississippi

The Haunting of Mississippi

By: Barbara Sillery

The Magnolia state possesses a rich past that fuels the haunted lore of the present. Interviews with owners, tour guides, and visitors reveal vivid firsthand accounts of paranormal activity at over twenty historic sites. In Vicksburg the cavorting spirits at McRaven House leads visitors astray. The ghosts at Cedar Grove Inn toss glasses, slam doors, and smoke cigars. A restless ghost couple wanted out of the attic so they set off an indoor waterfall. In Natchez. Longwood’s lonely master calls out to tourists. William Faulkner’s ghost in Oxford shares the tale of the distraught Julia. King’s Tavern, Magnolia Hall, Merrehope, Rowan Oak, Linden, Mount Holly, Stanton Hall, Beauvoir, Glenburnie, the Old Capital Museum, Rosedale, and Waverly all have lively spirits who won’t lie still. Author Barbara Sillery has personally visited each site and agrees with Dixie Butler at Temple Heights in Columbus: “When it comes to ghosts, there are just a lot of things you just can’t rationalize away.” A list of all the haunted sites is provided for those who’d liked to take a tour of their own.

“The Haunting of Mississippi by Barbara Sillery sucked me right in to Mississippi’s rich haunted history. Sillery eloquently describes the settings of her stories.”  -Adria Walker, Jackson Freepress

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