The Picnic at Squirrel Park

The Picnic at Squirrel Park


Where did the flowers go? Field mouse twins, Henry and Henrietta, are surprised and sad to find summer ended!

Going on a journey of discovery through the park, they see animals and birds preparing for cold weather. Without leaves on the trees, it all looks different. They gradually realize that change is part of nature, and find new things to enjoy.

A 24-page children’s book, suitable for pre-K through Grade 2, and ESL, it is vocabulary based, the third in a series of books that focuses on images, concepts, words and imagination for beginning and early readers. (Henry Hooper Leaves the Farm, Henrietta Hooper Chases a Starfish). Beautifully detailed hand-drawn illustrations are by visual artist Angela Amato.

As the third Henry book, it includes verbal exercise and vocabulary review pages suitable for use by a parent or teacher.    Children’s fiction (Hard cover, soft cover).

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