The Squire’s Daughter

By: Terri Kennedy

Beauty and the Beast meets Pygmalion in this Regency-set historical romance novel.

A London Prostitute Hired to Seduce a Madman

Chartreuse knows the scheme is flawed, but it’s a chance to escape the stench of the brothel for a few days, visit the countryside, and play at being a lady. What could go wrong?

For one thing, the so-called Monster Earl she’s been hired to seduce is not mad, nor is he stupid. He sees right through the game she’s playing and tosses her out on her ear.

The Monster Earl

Ian, Earl of Chester is forced to return to Society to protect his reputation and estate. When Chartreuse is dumped on his doorstep, beaten near to death, he nurses her back to health and offers her a chance to remain in his household as a servant—because she refuses to be his mistress. Who could blame her? The fire that killed his parents left him horribly disfigured and grotesque—inside and out.

Appearances Can Be Misleading

As Chartreuse sees beyond his scars to the man beneath, Ian discovers a surprising innocence within the seasoned whore. When her past threatens to force Chartreuse back to the brothel, Ian risks everything to save her.

Can a monster transform a prostitute into a lady?

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