Walking with Grief: A Healing Journey

Walking with Grief: A Healing Journey




Walking With Grief – A Healing Journey is a generous gift from both Nanette Geertz, who wrote the poem, and Anne Ierardi, who illustrated it. Nan lost her daughter, Jennifer, suddenly at the age of 19.

Nan’s poem is her search to make sense and give meaning not only to the life and loss of Jennifer, but to her own sadness. She is able to put Jennifer in the continuum of creation, with all God’s creatures, with those who have been, are now and are yet to come. That is what we want for those we have lost, too. The generosity of Nanette Geertz is that she gently leads us there. Her world is filled with what is in ours: rain, stars, wind, a budding tree. She shows us that we can find our own comfort through her words and not only understand her journey, but deepen the dimensions of our own.

The reproductions of Anne Ierardi’s paintings are on a par with those found in museum catalogues. At the back of the book, there are three pages of interesting notes about the paintings and an additional four pages for “notes, reflections, or poems.” – Rev. Suzanne Hope Graham, Chaplain


Walking with Grief fills me with warmth and light each time I pick it up.  This beautiful little book is a gift to anyone, young or old, journeying through the loss of a loved one.  Each page opens to another of Anne Ierardi’s luminous paintings, accompanied by the loving comfort of Nan Geertz’s poem about her own daughter’s death.  I keep several copies of this treasure in my waiting room for my patients.  To a person they have found great solace, whether because they have lost someone themselves or because they are wishing for a way to reach out lovingly to neighbors or friends who are grieving.  – Dr. Patricia L. Papernow, Psychologist


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