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James Coogan has published his fifth children’s book Johnny Tent-boys Turkey

Kathy Aspden recently published AN IRISHMAN’S SON: the love story behind the lie

Alyssa Metcalfe is thrilled to have the first chapter of her novel STREET selected for publication by Embark Literary Journal.

Ray Anderson’s third adventure thriller, The Divide, is available on all sales channels. Ray’s latest novel brings Continental Divide Trail hiker, Awol, into a collision course with two home-grown terrorists who have special reasons for wanting to send a catastrophic message.

Kevin Symmons latest novel, Eye Of The Storm, has been released and available on all sales channels. “Eye of the Storm incorporates the best elements of a thriller with a cast of credible, captivating characters…”

Robert Reece’s latest book, Strong Medicine, is a high-stakes game where big pharma is determined to crush PharmaTruth’s assault on their domain, even as Tom and his team struggle to set things right.

Arlene Kay’s next release from Kensington Publishing, MURDER AT THE FALLS, will be a featured novel in the WOMEN”S WORLD MAGAZINE’s book club. Look for it in the July issue (16-22), and check out MURDER AT THE FALLS, a cozy mystery with a literary touch . Available July 14th. If you love Oscar Wilde, Therapy dogs, a hint of romance and a touch of mayhem, this book is ideal.

Steven Manchester’s latest novel The Menu has been released. “You are never alone…not ever!” I believe this truth in every fiber of my being. For me, few things are more tragic than a fellow human being feeling alone. My new novel, THE MENU, is a story about healing.

Joanne Carota’s new book,The Docks” by Joanne Carota, Neptune Books, July 2019, $18.95, ISBN: 978-1-7331-06900.July 2019, $18.95, ISBN: 978-1-7331-06900.

Diane Finney is thrilled that her 10 Minute Play, titled ‘Breakup Sex’ is a Semi-finalist in the Stage It! International playwrighting festival. 346 entries from 7 countries entered the competition this year.

David Litwack has a new release – The Time That’s Given and a giveaway for his The Daughter of the Sea and Sky. find out more here: David Litwack

Daughters of Nyx, by Diane Bonavist. An historical mystery set in ancient Athens.

Jane Parhiala’s new book, Reckless At The Border has been published by EBook Bakery and is available on Amazon.

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