Cape Cod Writers Center

Young Writers Workshop

Every summer or school vacation break, CCWC hosts the Young Writers Workshop, a creative writing program for students grades 7-12 from the schools of Cape Cod and southern New England.

Students are selected on a competitive basis.

young writers 2

young writer 2The Young Writers Workshop, now in its third decade, remains one of the highlights for our talented local youth.

Students have a chance to meet and form friendships with other writers from area schools as well as receive individual help and advice from published authors.

Students Praise the

February 19-23, 2018 Young Writers Program

 School vacation is a time when most students enjoy taking time off from studies and have fun.

Unless you happen to be a writer, long for instruction and the opportunity to meet others like themselves.

That’s why eight talented writers from Cape Cod turned up at the Osterville Public Library the mornings of February 19-23 for our Young Writers Program.

There they received free literary instruction from author- teachers Jeffrey Carter and K. R. Conway.

They weren’t disappointed. Over the course of our five morning sessions, the students  learned about plot structure, setting, dialogue character descriptions and how to integrate them into their stories. In a final wrap-up session, the teens created presentation boards which displayed their characters, setting and plots.



They were pleased and so were we.  Here’s what the teens said about the program in their exit surveys: 

“It helped me learn how to writer certain parts of the book and it was really fun.”

“I enjoying having a more personal hands-on type experience. It’s been a great boon to my writing.”

“I enjoyed the program immensely. It inspired and energized me as a writer.”

” I liked meeting other writers my age and talking about our stories.”

“It  was great to come and talk and learn about writing.”

” I learned important skills to improve my writing.”

” I could meet and share ideas with teens my age with similar interests.”

“It really helped me learn how to write certain parts of a book and it was really fun.”