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Cape Cod Writers Center

Great Reviews for the 2019 CCWC Conference

 They came, they learned from our excellent instructors

and praised the 2019 Conference.

Below you’ll find comments from our participants’ exit interviews.

“So many opportunities to learn! “

 “I learned a great deal at the conference and some of the instructors were amazing.”

“I like the a la carte program.  Friendly people, non-threatening, plus the mentoring is amazing.”

“Fun and Informative.”

“I loved my classes and learned a lot!”

“The conference was very great.”

“My second year, more informative, & exciting”

“Classes were good and informative, the  faculty were knowledgeable.”

“One of the best workshops ever!”


Welcome to the 57th CCWC Annual Conference 2019!

Board of Director – Judith Partelow


Board of Director – Alyssa Metcalfe


Board of Director – Katrina Valenzuela with two of our Scholarship Winners

Opal Gayle and Johanne Crawford


Past President Kevin Symmons presented

The Kevin Symmons Second Career Scholarship to Ruth Weiner.


Tracy Strauss – Faculty


Matt Phelps – Faculty


Enzo Silon Surin – Faculty


Susan Tan – Faculty


Jule Selbo – Faculty


Brian Jud – Faculty


Bobbie Carlton – Faculty

K. C. Conway – Faculty



Jenn Stanley – Faculty


Marcella Pixley – Faculty


Christina Frey – Faculty






Getting ready for Casey Sherman!


Our intern Hanna Sweeney and Board of Director – Hugh Blair-Smith




See you next year!!