They came, they learned from our excellent instructors

and praised the 2019 Conference.

Below you’ll find comments from our participants’ exit interviews.

“So many opportunities to learn! “

 “I learned a great deal at the conference and some of the instructors were amazing.”

“I like the a la carte program.  Friendly people, non-threatening, plus the mentoring is amazing.”

“Fun and Informative.”

“I loved my classes and learned a lot!”

“The conference was very great.”

“My second year, more informative, & exciting”

“Classes were good and informative, the  faculty were knowledgeable.”

“One of the best workshops ever!”


Welcome to the 57th CCWC Annual Conference 2019!

Board of Director – Judith Partelow


Board of Director – Alyssa Metcalfe


Board of Director – Katrina Valenzuela with two of our Scholarship Winners

Opal Gayle and Johanne Crawford


Past President Kevin Symmons presented

The Kevin Symmons Second Career Scholarship to Ruth Weiner.


Tracy Strauss – Faculty


Matt Phelps – Faculty


Enzo Silon Surin – Faculty


Susan Tan – Faculty


Jule Selbo – Faculty


Brian Jud – Faculty


Bobbie Carlton – Faculty

K. C. Conway – Faculty



Jenn Stanley – Faculty


Marcella Pixley – Faculty


Christina Frey – Faculty






Getting ready for Casey Sherman!


Our intern Hanna Sweeney and Board of Director – Hugh Blair-Smith




See you next year!!