Dear Writers:

As advocates of literature and women’s history the Cape Cod Writers Center asks you to write a brief letter to the United States Post Office on behalf of a commemorative stamp for Mercy Otis Warren (1728-1804), a native of Cape Cod.

Mrs. Warren’s statue stands on the green before the Barnstable County Courthouse.

A native of West Barnstable, Mercy Otis Warren was an eyewitness to the Revolution, wrote influential anti-British and pamphlets, argued for a Bill of Rights, and was a close friend of Abigail and John Adams. So impressed was John Adams with Mrs. Warren’s literary skills that he urged her to write about the Revolution. After years of interviewing people in person and by mail, through collections of intercolonial  newspapers, Mrs. Warren completed her three-volume The Rise, Progress and Termination of the American Revolution which was finally published in 1804.

Final decisions for a stamp are made by the  Citizens Stamp Committee of the United States Post Office and depend in part upon responses from  citizens. Please write a brief letter of two or three sentences in support of a stamp commemorating Mrs. Warren to:

            Stamp Services

           475 L’Enfant Plaza SW

            Room 3300

            Washington, D.C. 20260-3501

The inside salutation should be to the  Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee

Thank you for your help!