Cape Cod Writers Center

Honoring Bob Silverberg & Perfect Pitch Kudos at June 20 Writers Night Out

June’s Writers Night Out is always a special time for members of the Cape Cod Writers Center but this years meeting on the 20th topped them all.

We began the evening in the television studio by honoring our devoted and longtime Books and the World announcer, Bob Silverberg, who has interviewed authors for the last 17 years. Now, at age 93, Bob has decided to retire. We will miss his lively presence on the set and his clever way of drawing out authors to speak about their work on camera.









To honor him, the Cape Cod Writers Center presented him with two cakes and a certificate of appreciation. Best of all was Bob’s farewell at the microphone which was just like his television interviews — entertaining and thought provoking!

Thank you Bob for your invaluable contributions to the Books and the World program!


Traditionally the June Writers Night Out invites members to practice their pitches in preparation for the summer conference, this year August 2-5 at the Resort and Conference Center.

Below you’ll find a selection of the brave authors who presented their pitches that night!

We wish them and all our members good luck presenting their pitches at the August conference.