Learn about the Inciting Incident at Writers Night Out September 21, 2022 on Zoom

Do you have a strong inciting incident to begin your story?

That’s the key event which  jumpstarts your plot 

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Writers Night Out September 21, 2022

 7:00 PM on Zoom


The inciting incident is an important beat in your story that moves your protagonist toward a new course of action. It’s a gateway scene from the “before to the after” for your characters, from the past to the future. Editor Jacqueline Cangro will debunk the myths about inciting incidents and review examples from published works. Then she will unpack recommendations for making your story’s inciting incident dynamic and compelling.

Jacquelin Cangro

Jacquelin Cangro worked at Penguin Random House and Simon & Schuster for more than twenty years. Now, as a freelance developmental editor and writing coach, she’s reviewed dozens of novel and short story manuscripts, providing writers with feedback to revise their stories. Jacquelin’s short fiction was selected as the Saturday Evening Post’s Great American Stories. Her other works of fiction have appeared in Stonecrop Review, The Macguffin, Valparaiso Fiction Review, and Cortland Review. You can find out more about Jacquelin and her work at https://jacquelincangro.com

If you would like to attend, please email writers@capecodwriterscenter.org

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