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During these unsettled times the Cape Cod Writers Center is delaying the deadline for membership renewal from  May 1st to September 1, 2020.

Since instructors for the CCWC Writers Night Out meetings and the conference cannot present in person but will offer writing advice in website posts,

basic dues will be reduced to $55.00 and payable September 1, 2020 – your membership will be paid through to May 1, 2021. 

See new information below:

The Cape Cod Writers Center is made up of over 300 members from all over the Cape Cod region and beyond, and we always welcome newcomers.

Scroll to bottom of this page for list of current members 2020

Anyone interested in writing – whether a published or an aspiring author – is welcome to join now.

We offer three levels of membership for 2020-2021:

Patron membership is $95.00  – Benefits include a link to your website on a separate Patrons page, additional social media promotion for your published work, and your book cover featured on CCWC website.

Basic membership is $55.00

Student membership is $20.00 – for anyone with a current student I.D., whether high school or college. Check with the CCWC office at or (508) 420-0200 for more details. Parents and grandparents often purchase these memberships to encourage children who love to write.

 Annual Membership on all levels enjoy access to these benefits.

  • Writing Groups: Writers meet on a regular basis to present their work and receive constructive feedback from colleagues as they work towards publication. For more details, please click on the Writer’s Groups tab at the top on any page on this website.
  • Pathways to Publication: High-powered, one-day and weekend writing and publishing programs taught by prominent authors, editors, and agents held several times during the year. Members receive discount admission.
  • Writers Night Out: Networking and talks by experts in publishing, social media, and writing techniques held in a local Cape Cod library/venue once a month.
  • The opportunity to sell your books in our summer conference bookstore.
  • Waived registration fee at the summer conference.
  • The chance to read your work before others as well as practice pitches at the summer conference.
  • Early notification of literary activities on Cape Cod and beyond. (Optional, for those who wish to receive e-mail from us.)
  • The opportunity to have CCWC publicize your publications, contest winnings, and other writing successes in regular Member News Roundups on our blog
  • Promotion on CCWC website for yourself and books/publications with links to sales channels.

Join the CCWC now!

Click on the Pay Now button to join. You’ll be taken to PayPal, where you can sign up with a few clicks. (You don’t have to be a PayPal member; all you need is a credit card.)

Membership options

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If you prefer not to use the PayPal feature, please click on the membership application below, fill in the brief form, and mail it with a check for your membership to Cape Cod Writers Center, P.O. Box 408, Osterville, MA 02655.

CCWC Membership Application


Ray Anderson

Gayle Ashton

Judith Askew

Kathy Aspden

Patricia Baron

Joyce Barry

Randy Bartlett

Dorothy Bayne

Linda Lee Benanti

Sandra Bernstein

Ragnhild Bjerke

Hugh Blair-Smith

Deborah Blanchard

Lori Bradley

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Donna Walo Clancy

Ellen Cliggott

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Lorri Devlin

Linda Doll

Rolla Donaghy

Regina Downing

Elizabeth Dunn

Sally Dunn

Laura Eldridge

Diane Finney

Carol Forest

C. L. Fornari

Mary Beth Gale

David Gardner

Joan Graham

Debra Graham-Leard

Sarah Greene

Sally Gunning

Heather Hayden

Madeline Holt

Anne Ieradi

Kathleen Irwin

Jim Johnson

Nancy Karlson-Lidman

Arlene Kay

Don Kelley

Mary T. Kennedy

Thomas Kersting

Johanne Kieffer

Kathleen Krikorian

Christine Lajewski

Christine Laughead

Christina Laurie

Ashley Lima

David Litwack

Jacqueline Loring

Rebecca Lowry

Steven Manchester

Pamela Marin-Kingsley

Sheila McCormick

Lorraine McFaddin

Deborah McNaughton

Melanie Merriman

Alyssa Metcalfe

Elizabeth Migliore

Eydie Miller-Ellis

Kathy Miranda

Margaret Moorehouse

Patricia Mullaly

Kathleen Murphy

Linda Naimey

Joanne Nesi

John Oberteuffer

Jay Olin

Laurie O’Neil

Heather Pannell

Jane Parhiala

Wayne R. Parrish

Joanne Parsons

Judith Partelow

Bonnie Perry

Linda Zoe Podbros

Eileen Powers

Paula Raymer

Betsy Kyle Reece

Robert Reece

Suzanne Reid

Rebecca Reynolds

Laura Rockefeller

Sierra Rodriguez-Couture

Leslie Rowe

Susan Santangelo

Ralph Sawyer

Joan Scott

Michael Shapiro

Patricia Shook

Andrew Singer

Thomas Slayter

Roger Smith

Bridget Snell

HW Bill Sparks

Ann Specht

Barbara Eppich Struna

Kevin Symmons

Kathryn Taylor

Kathleen Teahan

Katherine Tella

Colleen Thomas

Harris Thompson

Megan Tracy

Karl Trautman

Diane Triant

Katrina Valenzuela

Sharon Ward

Thomas Wolfson

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