Cape Cod Writers Center

Pathways to Publication Worshops March 22, 2014 a Smash Hit!

What is the meaning of “Writing from the Right Side of the Brain?” How does one write a family memoir?

Thirty writers appeared at the Cape Cod Writers Center’s Pathways to Publication workshops on Saturday, March 22 at the Resort and Conference Center of Hyannis to find out, and they were not disappointed.

Pathways Audience March 22, 2014

The day began with a delightful, instructive session by acclaimed author Jamie Cat Callan, whose exercises and comments showed the audience the importance of “Writing from the Right Side of the Brain.”

The afternoon was devoted to  the family memoir. First CCWC member Velia Pola spoke about the challenges and rewards of traveling with her elderly parents, resulting in her book A Bridge Between: Northern Italy Come Hell or High Water. Immediately afterwards, educator Dr. Meikle Pascal spoke about his book, The Black Buddha, which documents his journey from self-doubt and isolation to self-mastery and a deeper connection to life itself. 


Here’s a sampling of comments about the day from participants:

“Jamie was great – dynamic, engaging – offered good concrete tips and strategies.”

“Jamie is…a wonderful teacher. Her humor, compassion kept us enthralled, wanting more…learning much! I found the writing examples extremely helpful.”

“What a great morning!”

“It ended too soon!” 

“One of the best (and I’ve been at a lot of seminars).”

“Over the top!”

“Very inspirational, fun and informative.”

“I liked the combination between information and creative participation. Material was presented clearly and well-illustrated by examples that were great.”


Both presenter were great! Different approaches – but both valuable.

Loved the  handouts from Dr. Paschal – thoughtful, insightful, well-organized, excellent”

“Both programs excellent!” 

“It helped me to know what exactly a memoir was instead of just a general idea. I like the advice about how to know what put into a memoir and what not to.”

“A lot of good ideas on how to start out. Ways to approach the memoir as well as ideas  for keeping ideas  and memories.”

“Wonderful, helpful, inspiring!”

“I learned new ideas I hadn’t even considered.”

“Velia had some practical tips. She  helped us see the importance of capturing moments.”