A rainy Saturday during a busy spring? At first blush that doesn’t sound like an ideal time for the Cape Cod Writers Center’s Pathways to Publication but not to the ten serious authors who appeared at the Osterville Public Library to learn about dialogue taught by actor, writer, producer Mark Fogarty and award-winning fiction and short story author, Stephen D. Rogers.

Mark’s class on Dialogue not only illustrated and explained the power of dialogue, but also illustrated the craft with handouts and clips from major films.

Among Mark’s lessons:  In good dialogue characters speak to an objective. Good dialogue uses subtext. It’s not about sound but content. Each character should sound distinct. Dialogue works best in 1-3 line exchanges.

The afternoon session was equally exciting. During the course taught by acclaimed author and short story writer, Stephen D. Rogers, students learned the elements of a short story, including the importance of one goal, carefully defined characters and endings. Stephen also explained how short stories differed from novels and answered questions about the nuances of short story submission today.