Students Praise the 2022 Cape Cod Writers Center’s Virtual Conference

The Cape Cod Writers Center’s Conference Was Virtual in 2022.

Our 2022 Faculty

We wished it could have been live, but the students loved it.

Here’s what they said:        

Don Kelley: “I thoroughly enjoyed the conference….Thanks for putting on a quality event.”

Kathy Aspden:  “What a great conference! So much to absorb. Fabulous choices for presenters and keynote speaker! Bravo Nancy and Barbara.” 

Elizabeth Hogan:  WOW!  The presenters were professional, knowledgeable, and delightful.  I zoomed with Alysia Abbott, Rebecca Rolland, and Keynote Speaker Marjan Kamali.  Each one was well prepared as well as responsive to the individual writers.  Very good teachers. Thank you for this exceptional experience.”

Ray Anderson:  “All the instructors I had rose to the occasion. Especially Marjan Kamali who was terrific!”

Linda Benanti: “Just when you think you’ve assembled enough writerly tools for your craft, the teachers at the CCWC Virtual Conference add exciting new implements to your toolbox and help polish the tools you already own.”

Judith Partelow:  “Memoirist Alysia Abbott presented a very valuable class. Poet Rebecca Rolland was knowledgable, inspiring and accessible.”

Hugh Blair-Smith:  Lynn Reeves Griffin is an A-Level presenter with excellent handouts and was a  good discussion leader.”

Patty Hilton-Johnson:   “I enjoyed the two classes I took. John Cotter’s POV seminar was concise and informative. Elisabeth Elo was interesting and had useful tips on expanding a one-sentence summary to filling in a three-act structure. Loved her idea of spending important time with one’s ideas notebook.

Susan Madaus:   “The conference was well organized, the topics were on par with my needs…The choices of the instructors were impressive; I would have never had access to individuals of this stature without a conference like this. Thank you!”

Barbara Lewis:  “The wrap-up talk on joy and keeping motivated through difficult times was a wonderful way to end such high-caliber programming that gave me what I needed to push ahead with renewed and sharpened vigor.

 In everyone’s thoughts:  “Marjan Kamali was a wonderful keynote speaker! Her seven tips were