Students Praise the 2021 Cape Cod Writers Center’s Virtual Conference

For the first time in 58 years, the Cape Cod Writers Center’s Conference Was Virtual.

Our 2021 Faculty

We wished It could have been live, but the students loved it.

Here’s what they said:        

“A big thank you to CCWC for another great conference. The courses on various aspects of craft were excellent! I’ve come away newly inspired and better equipped to sort out issues within my own writing.”

“The conference facilitators very warm and welcoming –so important for online events, where people can feel more detached!”

“Everything ran smoothly. Everyone was professional… Hope we get to do it live next year.”

“The workshops/lectures…. gave me lots of insight…. I will not hesitate to attend next year’s conference because of the quality of the presenters.”  

“Writing Cozy Mysteries and the Art of Memoir were exceptional, and artfully presented by two real ‘pros.’ …Thanks for a stimulating and inspiring conference….I can’t wait to get writing again. “

“It was a great conference I just went back and “re-envisioned” my novel ending after Laurel’s class! Much stronger!”