“A passion to write” brought together talented teenagers from schools in the mid-Cape area to attend the  Cape Cod Writers Center’s Young Writers Program the mornings of  February 19-23 at the Sturgis Public Library in Barnstable Village.

During the five morning sessions author-teachers Jeffery Carter and Kate Conway, helped the students learn and perfect the nuances of character, plot, theme and voice.

Among the techniques used to help students conceive characters, were personality charts  which the students used in their stories and illustrated on poster boards.


On Saturday morning, February 23,  parents came to the library to hear their teens read from their work.

When  asked if they would attend another Young Writers Program, the students unanimously replied “yes!”

Below are some of their  comments from their exit surveys. 

“The program helped me write more engagjng scenes.”

“l made many friends and I love the instructors!”

“I was challenged by actually starting to write.”

” I liked learning more about how to develop characters.”

“I was able to apply more to my writing than I thought I could.”