“It is better to give than to receive,” observed the Bible and never was that  better illustrated than at the October 24, 2018 Writers Night Out at the Osterville Public Library.  That evening members shared tips and tricks on writing, publicity and promotion sparking a series of questions and a lively discussion that benefited everyone who attended.












Among the tips:

Read your work aloud. You’ll instantly hear the words and phrases that sound awkward and need correction.

Avoid distractions. Start work immediately. Do not read the newspaper, do chores that can be postponed, read your email or engage in long phone or personal conversations These can clutter your brain and deplete your creative energies.

Use real names of characters in your drafts. If you’re writing fiction based on someone you know, use his/her real name in your draft.  This will make your character come alive on the page. Remember to change that name before sending it out to friends, editors and publishers.

Join a writer’s group. Several members attested to the importance of these groups for improving your work.  Meeting on a regular basis also forces writers to be disciplined and complete a new set pages for presentation. The CCWC sponsors writers groups for members in a variety of genres. For more information, click on capecodwriterscenter.org then hit the “Contact” tab above the picture to join a Writers Group.

When you’ve finished the first draft, invite B-readers to critique your work. It’s important to find readers who are not family members or friends, since they are more likely to offer their opinions and suggestions freely. You can find these “B readers” in a variety of ways — asking a friend of a friend for a recommendation, asking a book club or members of another literary or special interest group to read your work. “Group think” is a powerful tool to  help you create a more readable and popular work.


Members also voted that evening to approve Rick Cochran, author of Wellfleet Tales to the Board of Directors.   Welcome Rick. We look forward to working with you!