Arlene Kay

Author Arlene Kay.

Former federal executive Arlene Kay was known as a most unconventional public servant. Experience in offices around the nation allowed her to observe both human and corporate foibles and rejoice in unintentional humor.

Those locations and the characters she encountered are celebrated in a series of mysteries including INTRUSION (2011) and DIE LAUGHING (2012) both from Mainly Murder Press; THE ABACUS PRIZE and the SWANN SERIES, SWANN DIVEMANTRAPGILT TRIP; SWANN SONGS from Belle Bridge Books. 

Her latest novels, which she researched with the aid of her show dog, GC CH Lord Byron, are available from Kensington Publishing. The “Creature Comfort Series” includes DEATH BY DOG SHOW series”, 3/2019; HORSESHOW HOMICIDE, 10/2019; and THERAPY FOR MURDER, January 2020

Ms. Kay holds graduate degrees in Political Science and Constitutional Law.