Author Carolyn Kay Brancato.

Carolyn Kay Brancato’s debut historical novel is The Circus Pig and the Kaiser.  It is based on a strange but true event and is laced with satire dealing with freedom of expression under an authoritarian regime. In 1907 a pig-headed Russian pig trainer dresses his prized pig as the war-mongering Kaiser. The Berkshire Eagle called it: “a wonderfully entertaining, but seriously messaged historical fiction about a band of circus characters defending the ideals of freedom of expression.”

The wide-ranging research that Brancato brings to the novel draws on skills developed as an economics (and theatre) major at Barnard and in her “day job” as a Ph.D. economist and expert in corporate governance. Working in the field of corporate governance for over three decades, Carolyn has published two non-fiction books on institutional investments and has encouraged corporations throughout the world – in the US, Europe, Asia and the Middle East – to act ethically and be transparent to their stakeholders.

But her first love has always been the arts. Her plays have been mounted at Steppenwolf in Chicago, the John Houseman Theatre in NYC, and the Church Street Theatre in Washington DC. She created the play Censored to celebrate the First Amendment – bringing to life banned books, art and other cultural institutions that have been repressed in the US.  Carolyn has also directed such plays as Deposing the White House, which she moved from Ensemble Studio Theatre in NYC. to the Church Street Theatre in DC.  In addition, she choreographed and directed numerous plays in the Washington, D.C. area, including at the Source Theatre.  As a choreographer, she created works for the D.C. City Ballet and was the dance consultant for the wedding sequence in Francis Ford Coppola’s film Gardens of Stone.

Carolyn lives in the Berkshires with her husband, with whom she shares a passion for offshore sailing and oil painting. She is at work on her next historical novel, The Night Belongs to the Maquis.  It is based on interviews she conducted some years ago with members of the Maquis…the French Resistance…who were responsible for getting approximately 500 downed pilots and agents over the Pyrénées and out of France.

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