Author Johanne Crawford.

I’m a writer, autism advocate/educator and author of the new memoir CHOICES – One Mother’s Determined Search for the Supports to Meet the Needs of Her Aging Austistic Son. Through sharing my personal stories, I hope to raise awareness of this growing diagnosis and the need to bridge the gap between public education and adult services. Most of all, I hope to inspire others to find fortitude and faith within themselves and know that their voice matters.

​I never thought of myself as a writer, but always as a communicator. Writing is a tool of communication, so putting thoughts into words comes naturally. I write from the heart, from the truth within. I write about lessons learned through the lens of the everyday life experiences, sharing heartfelt, funny and sometimes thought-provoking views from where I stand and have stood in this journey so far.

In my free time, you can usually find me in the garden, my happy place, a sort of moving meditation. In the winter months, I can be found enjoying acoustic guitar at a local pub, typing away on my keyboard or connecting with old friends in long phone conversations. In my day job, I continue to work with special needs students at the local middle school, each day knowing that learning comes from the student as well as from staff (if we pay attention…and I do).  Last, but not least, I, gratefully, continue to live in my Habitat for Humanity Home on Cape Cod. Truly a sacred place.

I hold a BA in Communications from William Paterson University, am a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Reiki Master/Teacher of energetic bodywork. I am currently working on a second book about the accidental journey of personal transformation behind the autism story CHOICES.