Author Jeannette de Beauvoir.

Jeannette de Beauvoir wrote her first novel when she was eight years old. (It wasn’t very good.) She’s gotten better, though she still doesn’t read her own published works once they’re out—she’d be too upset about not being able to rewrite them.

She writes primarily about characters uncovering truths—and occasional dark secrets—via various genres that include mystery and historical fiction. Her current mystery series, the Sydney Riley Provincetown mysteries, is set during Ptown’s various theme weeks. (Her goal is to get through the series without killing off the town’s entire population!) Earlier series have taken place in Montréal and Boston.

Her standalone historical novel, Our Lady of the Dunes, takes place in Provincetown during the second world war. Coming in the spring of 2019 is Lethal Alliances, the story of the waning years of medieval king Philippe le Bel of France.

She lives in Provincetown where she presents a weekly radio show on arts and literature that’s streaming on WOMR, a Pacifica network affiliate, and is theatre critic for, a local digital publication.

Visit Jeannette at her website, on Facebook, Pinterest, Goodreads, Amazon, and LinkedIn, and on her subscription site.