John A. Lipman

Author John Lipman.

John A. Lipman is the author of the recently released political biography, Alfred B. DelBello: His Life and Times. The book chronicles DelBello’s rise from mayor of his native Yonkers —the third largest city in New York — to Westchester county executive and finally the state’s lieutenant governor’s office. DelBello was a brilliant and deeply principled leader who revolutionized the ingrained patronage-based politics of his time and brought fiscal sanity and better living to all the constituents he served. He often worked across the political aisle to bring meaningful changes to Westchester county, disregarding partisanship out of devotion to his constituency.  His professional and progressive management style, demonstrated by his commitment to bring women and minorities into government leadership, defined him as a visionary trailblazer and, as Socrates would have called him, “a citizen of the world.”

Lipman is a writer and consultant specializing in political communications and public policy. He has written extensively on legislative and environmental issues in newspapers, periodicals, and public reports throughout the northeast and mid-Atlantic region. Raised in Westchester, Lipman’s mother worked for Mr. DelBello, cultivating his interest in politics and public policy.

Lipman lives in Orleans, Massachusetts, where he attended summer camp as a child. He dedicated much of his professional life to public policy and international affairs. He served as the chief planner and deputy director of the  Cape Cod Commission and director of growth planning for the Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs. During earlier years, Lipman was Maryland Director of the Chesapeake Bay Commission, a bipartisan, tristate legislative advisory group dedicated to protecting and restoring Chesapeake Bay. He also spent four years working for a USAID contractor in Washington, D.C., and served as the interim administrator of a health planning and training project for the African Medical and Research Foundation in Entebbe, Uganda. Lipman has a B.A. from Bates College, an MBA from Boston University and a Master of Public Policy from the University of Maryland. Alfred B. DelBello: His Life and Times is his first book. He is currently working on a novel and continues to write policy essays for regional news publications.


Book is available on and Barnes and Noble. To access the Facebook page, type “Alfred B. DelBello” into your search parameters (a direct link is not permitted on this page).